Våren 2021 tar Mari imot 5 personer veiledning. Her er invitasjonen:

My name is Mari and I have been working with herbs for some years now. This spring I would like to share this with a small group of people. As a personal guide into a deeper relationship with the plant world, I will have five herbal sessions to provide the basis for home study and exploration of the more-than-human world. We will study and get to know a small handful of plants. The sessions will provide an introduction to herbal medicine for five people.

I have held yearly weekend courses since 2015, yet this is the first time I offer herbal training over a longer period of time. As a pilot project it has a reduced price. You as participants will be asked to give feedback and share some experiences in a short video.

The aim of the sessions is to become closer to medicinal plants, gain some practical tools, and get a sense of personalized herbal medicine.

You will be asked to find an outdoor space close to where you live where wild things grow, and visit this place regularly. It could be a park, a forest, a field, a roadside ditch, or a wild spot in your garden.

The couse consists of five online sessions and two walks or private conversations. If the restrictions open up for a walk we will walk, if not we will have private online conversations. The online sessions will be Saturdays at 20:15. 17th of April, 1st of May, 15th of May, 29th of May and 12th of June. The two other sessions will be on the 18th of April and the 16th of May, times to be confirmed. The language of the course is English. There is a minimum of 15 hours home study, and participants are encouraged to spend much time outdoors. We will follow the COVID restrictions in Oslo.

The course costs 2000 kroner. If you are interested send me an email before the course start: marikaapeurt@gmail.com. Note your motivation and if you wish to be put on a waiting list.

Warm wishes,

Mari Georgiana Jerstad

The approach of sensory herbalism is that of learning in direct contact with plants. Practical tools are used to slow down to the pace of the plants in order to gain a better understanding of them and the medicine they hold. In order to work as a herbalist it is important to buid a foundation of strong relations with individual plants. For me this is more about the depth of the relation than the number of plants I know.

At the same time there is a the place for research, and a place for herbal litterature and ancestral wisdom. When one has personal experiance with plants one can appreceate and value the litterature in a new way.


Det er også kortere kurs holdt i 2021