Would you be interested in participating in a study?

This study is about medicinal plants, cooking and traditions among people with a sense of belonging to Iran, Irak and Afghanistan as well as Norway. Participants are not expected to have professional knowledge! Day to day knowledge about plants is perfect.

Experianced Plant Knowledge

Wild plants are used for food and medicine all over the world. Plant knowledge and traditions have for long periods developed locally influenced by local flora, though plant trade has a long history.

With increasing globalization and movement of people and plants the project “Experienced Plant Knowledge” wishes to explore knowledge and traditions among people living in Norway who have a sense of belonging to Iran, Irak and Afghanistan as well as Norway.

The information gathered will be kept for future research or published if participants agree on the Norwegian Folk Museums digital museum. For more information see the project in the digital museum here. The material will be archived together with a sister project called Using Wild Plants that is run by Nordic People and Plants. Experienced plant knowledge aims to make Using Wild Plants a more diverse archive where the resources brought in by people with belonging several places becomes clear.

This project is funded by the Norwegian Arts Councel.

Practical information

Participation in the study involves being interviewed (having a chat). The participant decides if this will be published or just used for research. Any personal information such as name or age will not be published or saved. The participant can ask for the data to be deleted at any time.

Place: you can decide where to be interviewed within reasonable distance to Oslo. One may be interviewed in the botanical gardens in Oslo.

Time: between 30 and 90 minuites. 

Contact: Mari Jerstad, 96 76 35 75 or email: m.g.jerstad@studmed.uio.no

Do not hesitate to contact Mari if you have any questions or if you wish to participate.